Presenting… Bikey No. 3

BEHOLD! Bikey No. 3. She is a 52″ Surly Long Haul Trucker touring bike and her name is LA RABIOSA. Rabiosa came into my world on Thursday, August 11, 2011. Honestly, she is all I’ve ever dreamed of. My daily work commute is made so much easier AND enjoyable. Biking to the top of the Burnside Bridge is a little blessing as I sneak a quick peak of Mt. Hood, and I think, “Not only is my journey bigger than me, it is bigger than even Mt Hood”.

La Rabiosa will take me to Missoula, MT, then to Minneapolis, then to Northern Michigan and ultimately, THE WORLD.

This photo was taken at Portland’s historic Pittock Mansion, which is only 2.7 miles away from my apartment, BUT IT IS A 940 ELEVATION GAIN AND OH WOW IT TOOK ME 57 MINUTES TO BIKE IT. My goal is to reduce that to 45 minutes ( or less).

Granted, it took me nearly an hour to reach the Mansion mainly because I stopped far too much to photograph the following:

I may need intervention.

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