Awesome Week Has Been Awesome


Awesome week has been Awesome. Here’s why:

1) Kiva Zip launched their Oregon program today at a community event with current Oregon borrowers presenting their projects to potential lenders. It was a fantastic event, invigorating and reaffirming. I feel I am improving how I explain Little Bright Studio’s mission without resorting to numerous “umms” and “soo” and “ILOVEKITTIES”. So tough.

little bright studio bag sketches

2) In preparation for the Kiva event, I drew these sketches of bags currently in proto-type. Love them!

3) My Kiva Zip loan is 55% funded! Huzzah!

4) As part of my Tuka CAD class at the Portland Apparel Development Center, I finally got to learn how to use the electronic cutting table. OHMIGOSH. It cuts your pattern from fabric in just a matter of seconds! I was far too amazed by this machinery to capture its process on video, but I promise to do so next time. IT’S SO AWESOME.

5) I had a killah flour-less brownie at Blue Bird Bakers on NW Thurman & NW 24th.


Neon pouches

6) Made these fun, neon bags with fabric purchased at Modern Domestic!


Here’s to a new great week,


2 Responses to Awesome Week Has Been Awesome

  1. Colleen @ Mommy Panda June 30, 2013 at 7:27 pm #

    Cutting fabric is my least favorite part of sewing. I hate it more than ripping out a seam when I mess up.

    Also, please design a bag in your next line that has a cup pocket on the side so us young mommies can stick a bottle in it and look chic. Diaper bags are for new moms and suckers.

  2. Kayla July 1, 2013 at 11:09 pm #

    So, real talk for a sec – I’ve never really been a tote bag kind of gal. I really like pockets, and I like wider bags over taller bags. That all being said, I swear I’ve been to your etsy shop like, fifty times, trying to convince myself that “No, I’ll use a tote bag this time, look at how cute they are!”

    Alas, I know I’m lying to myself and it sucks knowing I can’t support you in that way.

    But your prototype sketches? UM, GIMME. I will totally be all over those in, like, a heartbeat. Make it so. … Please. 🙂