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The New Bernina B710!



So I finally bought me a sewing machine.

CONGRATULATIONS IT’S A BERNINA!!! I got it at Modern Domestic here in Portland and my friend Brittany helped me unload it BECAUSE IT’S GIGANTOR.


And, of course, I began to cry because, really, I’m 31 and that’s all I seem to do nowadays.


Bernina B710AHHHH That new Bernina smell. Astounding.


hibernina4GIGANTOR BOXES. Myself, as Maru, and Brittany, as Sea Captain discovering land.




Love, Amy


The Luminary Owls Tote Bag

tote bag featuring whimsical owls

BEHOLD – A revealing truth behind human kind’s greatest scientific achievements – Owls have been behind it all. ALL ALONG. Totally true.

Behind every great scientific achievement, there’s an intellectual owl. Featured in this bag are owls who have hooted inspiration and courage to countless humans. DNA mapping? An owl. Polio vaccination? There were a few owls hanging around the lab nodding in approval. Apollo 11 mission? They say the guys had small owl lockets tucked inside their space suits to honor their smart buddies.

In order to ensure owls continue to be the go-to animals for all scientists, I will donate $10 to The Owl Research Institute, based in Montana, US, which is a state I am dying to visit one day.

Let this tote bag be an inspiration for your future scientific projects. Get it right here!

Bernina Stitch Sample


In just a few days, I will be the proud owner of a brand new sewing machine. It’s been years since I’ve had a sewing machine. So I went crazy and bought me a Bernina.

Well, there goes my dream of ever getting out of debt.


This is a stitch sample made during the Bernina new owner class at Modern Domestic, which is quite frankly, one of the greatest places on Earth. It is a sewing shop, classroom and fabric boutique. Oh their new fabrics kill me. I WANT THEM ALL.




The Little Bright Studio business model


Oh hai there.

​I am Amy and I like cats, science and making stuff. Not necessarily in that order, but “cat” often trumps other interests, mostly because my own cat, Lt. Kitty Picard Stewart, demands such attention.​

​Currently, I am designing a collection of really awesome bags. Why are they awesome? Because they are BAGS FOR SCIENCE!! And Bags for Science are awesome because:

  1. Their existence in this universe is to foster science education and scientific exploration amongst the youth ​of this fine country of USA.
  2. They are meant to be durable bags, durable enough to withstand the weather in the Pacific Northwest.​
  3. Bags for Science will rekindle the love of exploration and discovery.
  4. Cats like Bags for Science.​

Little Bright Studio will work around the social model of “you buy something, I give something” (think Tom’s Shoes or Warby Parker glasses). For example, you buy a pencil case/pouch, Little Bright Studio will donate pencils to a school, or its monetary value. Bringing home a bigger Explorer backpack will guarantee a classroom gets a cool microscope! ​I hope to work out the kinks of this type of socially responsible business model in the coming weeks.

Science is SO rad and it’s even more rad when young (and older, too!) minds are able to comprehend and apply it. I still dream of being the first Puerto Rican woman in space. Or the first Crazy Cat Lady. ​Later on, I will explain to you why it’s crucial that we invest in scientific education for our youth.

Thanks for reading and I hope to fill you up with more info and goodies!

Live long and prosper, ​


p.s. “SciBags” is a tentative name for this line. Thanks, Rosie!​

2012 Constellation Calendar Giveaway

Hi y’all! I have one 2012 Constellations Calendar left and I thought one lucky person might be its owner.


Based off my Constellations of the Northern Hemisphere wall hanging, this 2012 calendar features the constellations screen printed with silver ink on indigo Fabriano paper. It measures 13×19 inches. It is a stunning piece that will allow you to dream of the Universe every day.

To enter this giveaway all you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post by Monday, January 23rd, 2012 at 11:59 PM PST. I will randomly select the winner on Tuesday, January 24th and announce it on Wednesday, Jan 25th.

I ‘d like to thank all who have purchased one of these calendars. I donated $5 off each sale to The Planetary Society and raised over $400.


Giveaway Rules:

– Giveaway open only for residents of the United States of America. Sorry, rest of the world :(.

– Must be at least 18 years of age to enter give away

– No duplicates allowed. There are no extra entries. Only blog comments.

– Don’t forget to enter your email in the email field (email will not be shared with any other parties), otherwise I will not include you in the picking.

– Winner will be contacted via email on Wednesday, January 25th, 2012. If I don’t receive an answer before Wednesday, February 1st, I will pick randomly another winner from the comment list.

– Calendar will be shipped via USPS within 3 business days of receiving your address.


Thank you!


Colorful neutrality

I am very excited about these necklaces. Neutrals + Colors & Patterns. Oh, how I love color so much. Soon on Little Bright Studio.

How was your Christmas weekend? I admit I decided to listen to my body and rest. A lovely Sunday brunch was had with friends, on a spectacular sunny yet rainy day. Oh it was beautiful. The food was simple and amazing. And the company? Heart-warming.

Most of the weekend was spent organizing, purging and cleaning my office, kitchen and closet. I looked through old photos and notes and discarded those for which my heart has no place for anymore. I’ve realized how much I’ve grown- how we’ve ALL grown. On Monday, I made a visit to IKEA in order to buy lots of white boxes to organize my finished products. It’s been a mess for a while now. Yikes.

I believe this New Year’s weekend will promise the same relaxation as the previous.

It’s good to be old enough to actually be OKAY with spending New Year’s Eve at home, by yourself.


Crafty Wonderland was rad

Last weekend was magic. Crafty Wonderland exceeded everyone’s expectations, including mine and I had none, for this was my very first big art show. I feel proud of what I have accomplished and feel- nay, KNOW- things are finally happening. I MADE them happen.

Thank you Crafty Wonderland team. You’re totally the best team EVERS.

Thank you to all my lovelies who stopped by to say hellos. I love hellos. Thank you, miss Amy Olson Extraordinaire, for being the best booth neighbor and a darling friend. Thanks to my Den, who built my display, carried my display into the main room and even surprise visited me on Sunday (seriously, you’re awesome). Thanks to Brittany, the best side-kick ever. Thank you Smucks for lending your lovely handwriting when I ran out of business cards.  Thank you Carl the Mailman, for the soda. Thank you Katie Daisy for the lovely postcard (omg). Thank you mami for the support four thousand miles away.

And thank you, all you happy people who chose to support us local, independent artists, talked to us, complimented our work and befriended us. The mood among all 200+ vendors was invigorating and so uplifting. Despite the long, exhausting hours each and every one of us dedicated in producing our booths, we all shined extra bright.

We’re gonna be all right, y’all.





p.s. I am in need of a LOT of ZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZzzzzZZZZzzzZZZZs, though.