Happy New Meow!

Kitty Picard Stewart wishes you all a Happy New Year. May 2012 bless you with the most superb tachyon beams this side of Sector 001. #nerd.



Colorful neutrality

I am very excited about these necklaces. Neutrals + Colors & Patterns. Oh, how I love color so much. Soon on Little Bright Studio.

How was your Christmas weekend? I admit I decided to listen to my body and rest. A lovely Sunday brunch was had with friends, on a spectacular sunny yet rainy day. Oh it was beautiful. The food was simple and amazing. And the company? Heart-warming.

Most of the weekend was spent organizing, purging and cleaning my office, kitchen and closet. I looked through old photos and notes and discarded those for which my heart has no place for anymore. I’ve realized how much I’ve grown- how we’ve ALL grown. On Monday, I made a visit to IKEA in order to buy lots of white boxes to organize my finished products. It’s been a mess for a while now. Yikes.

I believe this New Year’s weekend will promise the same relaxation as the previous.

It’s good to be old enough to actually be OKAY with spending New Year’s Eve at home, by yourself.


I miss you, New England

I liked New England. Upon arriving in early October, the rain and fog and dreariness greeted me, reminding me of what becomes of Portland later in the Fall. Some might consider this kind of weather a damp on their plans (see what I did there?) but I found it comforting and sort of what I expected New England to be.

I stayed with my high school friends Laura and Jorge and I so enjoyed sipping on tea while we talked about geek stuff and/or watched a geeky movie and I was delighted at how their love and companionship has grown since they first dated back in 1999. As a member of a family ridden with too many broken marriages, it brings me much hope to witness couples that work so well together.


Laura and I embarked on our own little journey of searching those postcard worthy lighthouses this side of the country is so famous for. To our disappointment, the prettiest of them all, the candy cane lighthouse in Lubec, Maine was 4 hours too far for our little journey. It had been a while since I’d seen my Atlantic. I blew it a little kiss before we set out to find delicious apple pies.

In about 9 months, God willing, I’ll be reaching the end of my cross-country bike journey: Portland, Maine, which I curiously got to visit with Laura. It was very much like MY Portland and not just in name. We were short on time, so I nodded in approval, and promised this Portland a longer, more thorough, visit in the future.


New England, I shall see you again soon. Laura and Jorge, I miss you two and I shall see you again soon.




p.s. It seems I was enjoying being a tourist too much and I did not notice that I basically photographed everything right in the center of the frame. There you go.

Crafty Wonderland was rad

Last weekend was magic. Crafty Wonderland exceeded everyone’s expectations, including mine and I had none, for this was my very first big art show. I feel proud of what I have accomplished and feel- nay, KNOW- things are finally happening. I MADE them happen.

Thank you Crafty Wonderland team. You’re totally the best team EVERS.

Thank you to all my lovelies who stopped by to say hellos. I love hellos. Thank you, miss Amy Olson Extraordinaire, for being the best booth neighbor and a darling friend. Thanks to my Den, who built my display, carried my display into the main room and even surprise visited me on Sunday (seriously, you’re awesome). Thanks to Brittany, the best side-kick ever. Thank you Smucks for lending your lovely handwriting when I ran out of business cards.  Thank you Carl the Mailman, for the soda. Thank you Katie Daisy for the lovely postcard (omg). Thank you mami for the support four thousand miles away.

And thank you, all you happy people who chose to support us local, independent artists, talked to us, complimented our work and befriended us. The mood among all 200+ vendors was invigorating and so uplifting. Despite the long, exhausting hours each and every one of us dedicated in producing our booths, we all shined extra bright.

We’re gonna be all right, y’all.





p.s. I am in need of a LOT of ZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZzzzzZZZZzzzZZZZs, though.

General Blankets Picard

Mrrrreow. It’s cold in the Female Human’s apartment. I must cover up with all these warm blankets in order to plan my escape from her grasp.

After I am done with this nap, of course.

Sarah & James

Sarah and I have been online friends since…I don’t know, ancient times known as the early ’00s. We bonded over our mutual love of CSI Las Vegas’ Gil Grissom. Fate decided we needed to live only 5 hours apart, but different countries. She met “Jim Jam” a few years ago and now they will up and get “the marrieds” next August in BC. We invaded the AWESOME Seattle Center Library (because it was pouring outside- who knew?)  and took photos of their love.

I love Sarah, she is an inspiration and has been an amazing friend over the years . She is also to blame for me ruining several articles of clothing from laughing so hard at her superior comedy skills. You should visit her website because she’s also pretty darn talented.

Sarah, I can’t wait for your magical wedding of magic… and Gil Grissom. I promise he will come. Promise.

(Could you stop being so beautiful? You’re making the rest of us look bad.)