Bike ride through Maryhill, Wa

A few weeks ago, while my gentleman was windsurfing, I decided to quit being a pansy and ride my road bike, La Rabiosa, through gravel at Peach Beach in Maryhill, Washington. Rabiosa made it just fine, she’s built tough. However, I was scared for life because I was sure I’d fall and end up with a sharp rock wedged inside my brain. Thankfully, that did not happen.


Can you see me with this painfully bright neon yellow shirt?


The view to my left.


The view to my right (I did not confuse the wind mills with giants).


The view below me: gravel. Ouchies.


Old gas station and the Maryhill Community Church built in 1881.






It was a lovely ride, indeed. I am falling more and more in love with this Pacific Northwest of mine.  Have a wonderful weekend, folks! I will be knee deep in creating new products for my etsy shop. <3

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