The Little Bright Studio business model


Oh hai there.

​I am Amy and I like cats, science and making stuff. Not necessarily in that order, but “cat” often trumps other interests, mostly because my own cat, Lt. Kitty Picard Stewart, demands such attention.​

​Currently, I am designing a collection of really awesome bags. Why are they awesome? Because they are BAGS FOR SCIENCE!! And Bags for Science are awesome because:

  1. Their existence in this universe is to foster science education and scientific exploration amongst the youth ​of this fine country of USA.
  2. They are meant to be durable bags, durable enough to withstand the weather in the Pacific Northwest.​
  3. Bags for Science will rekindle the love of exploration and discovery.
  4. Cats like Bags for Science.​

Little Bright Studio will work around the social model of “you buy something, I give something” (think Tom’s Shoes or Warby Parker glasses). For example, you buy a pencil case/pouch, Little Bright Studio will donate pencils to a school, or its monetary value. Bringing home a bigger Explorer backpack will guarantee a classroom gets a cool microscope! ​I hope to work out the kinks of this type of socially responsible business model in the coming weeks.

Science is SO rad and it’s even more rad when young (and older, too!) minds are able to comprehend and apply it. I still dream of being the first Puerto Rican woman in space. Or the first Crazy Cat Lady. ​Later on, I will explain to you why it’s crucial that we invest in scientific education for our youth.

Thanks for reading and I hope to fill you up with more info and goodies!

Live long and prosper, ​


p.s. “SciBags” is a tentative name for this line. Thanks, Rosie!​

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