Amy Nieto / Virtual Assistant
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Amy Nieto / Virtual Assistant
Virtual Assistant. Portland, Oregon

Oh Hi badass entrepreneur,

What can I do for you?


help me help you

What Would You Do With an Extra 2 Hours a Week?

  • You'd land that super creative dream project

  • You'd design a gorgeous client welcome package

  • You'd fulfill that wholesale order for your favorite boutique 

  • You could pitch your innovative start-up to influential investors

  • Or or or, hear me out on this one... YOU COULD TAKE A NAP


website stuff? data entry? scheduling posts?

I LOVE Helping Entrepreneurs Reach Their Rad Goals

Yah, it's true. Helping innovative, driven, awesome maker/entrepreneurs has been a passion ever since I organized craft fairs back in my college days. Having owned and operated a one-woman product-based business has given me ability to understand and anticipate the tasks needed to reach your financial goals. 


Okay, sooo...

Here's How I Can Help You

Oftentimes, it's the most mundane tasks that end up boggling you down and you end up binge-watching a show instead of doing The Work. I totally get it. 



You have so much to communicate to your audience, but so little time to prep images and actually schedule a blog post. 
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Uploading products, prepping images, and ensuring everything works perfect takes literally a billion hours. I can bring that down to three. 
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All the marketing experts and seasoned entrepreneurs agree that your email list is the most valuable tool you have at your hands. A single newsletter can help you reach your monthly or quarterly goals. 
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Engaging with your audience is fun!
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