Hello Autumn

It is finally Autumn. Summertime, and all the failed expectations I had of it, is gone. I am GLAD. I have longed for the gloom and doom of Portland for a few weeks now. TIGHTS! BOOTS! TEA! BAKING SODA TO CLEAN MY MUGS FROM ALL THE TEA I WILL DRINK IN THE NEXT FEW MONTHS! HUZZAH!



Bags and accessories I am working on!

Little Bright Studio progress has been a bit slow due to a few alterations to The Plan. I had wanted to create my own science-inspired fabric but it seems that will occur next year. I did, however, find some amazing Japanese prints that will add just the right amount of geometry and color to my bags!


Polka dots! Organic mustard fabric! Cool geometric red!

┬áLife, love and dating have been ridiculous. Turns out being a rational, logical, smart, funny cat-loving gal is HARD. But whatever. I have my cat. And Netflix. And Trader Joe’s sells fantastic cheap wine and it’s just six blocks away. FTW.


All the things that can fit inside a Ne(on) Pouch!

This week I am applying to Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco. I’ve never been, soooooo, wish me luck!



I spent nine grueling hours at Disneyland in August. My reward: a nice relaxing evening overlooking the Pacific Ocean with my cousin.

Okay, my cat is chasing her tail (again), gotta go watch that shiz.

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