The Luminary Owls Tote Bag

tote bag featuring whimsical owls

BEHOLD – A revealing truth behind human kind’s greatest scientific achievements – Owls have been behind it all. ALL ALONG. Totally true.

Behind every great scientific achievement, there’s an intellectual owl. Featured in this bag are owls who have hooted inspiration and courage to countless humans. DNA mapping? An owl. Polio vaccination? There were a few owls hanging around the lab nodding in approval. Apollo 11 mission? They say the guys had small owl lockets tucked inside their space suits to honor their smart buddies.

In order to ensure owls continue to be the go-to animals for all scientists, I will donate $10 to The Owl Research Institute, based in Montana, US, which is a state I am dying to visit one day.

Let this tote bag be an inspiration for your future scientific projects. Get it right here!

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