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This is the greatest thing ever

That’s me. And that’s Baby the cockatoo. She was very amusing in her mimicking of my laughter. She also almost bit my ear off. Notice my defensive stance. Nonetheless, LOOK AT THAT WATERMELON ON THE BOTTOM RIGHT. yum. Not pictured is the delicious salmon caught fresh that very morning from the Columbia River. It had the most amazing taste. Friends gathered around, and laughed, talked and ate as the last bits of Summer sunshine rested behind the horizon.

Have a great week. How was your weekend? I immersed myself in creating new items for the shop, but came up for air for a baseball-themed date night with the gentleman and yummy pizza handmade by my friends Alyson and Levi.

Bike ride through Maryhill, Wa

A few weeks ago, while my gentleman was windsurfing, I decided to quit being a pansy and ride my road bike, La Rabiosa, through gravel at Peach Beach in Maryhill, Washington. Rabiosa made it just fine, she’s built tough. However, I was scared for life because I was sure I’d fall and end up with a sharp rock wedged inside my brain. Thankfully, that did not happen.


Can you see me with this painfully bright neon yellow shirt?


The view to my left.


The view to my right (I did not confuse the wind mills with giants).


The view below me: gravel. Ouchies.


Old gas station and the Maryhill Community Church built in 1881.






It was a lovely ride, indeed. I am falling more and more in love with this Pacific Northwest of mine.  Have a wonderful weekend, folks! I will be knee deep in creating new products for my etsy shop. <3

Views of my home

I live in a vintage 425 sq ft studio apartment in NW Portland. It is darling and I love its light. This is where I let love and positivity in.

For a studio, the kitchen is gigantic. This is where my Bike Trip map is hung. I look at it every morning and think of the journey ahead and the lives I hopefully will inspire and the wonderful people I will meet.


I may just leave the “yay summer” sign up.


“And this is where the magic happens”

Ahh the chair.


The Design Sponge Book Signing

Super awesome blogger Grace Bonney from Design Sponge stopped by Portland’s West Elm store to sign copies of her new book, Design Sponge At Home. It was a fun event and it was an honor to meet so many local talent- and chat with ones I already know. It fills my heart with joy! To view more fun photos of the event head on over here and feel free to tag yourself in your photo!

Grace Bonney signing books and chatting with peeps.


Grace, Matt and Amy.


Cori Kindred is the creator of the wonderful moss backdrop. She is such an amazing talent- glad to have her as a friend!


The ladies from Satsuma Press, Pigeon Toe Ceramics and Skinny LaMinx collaborated to create the ClothPaperClay line. It is AMAZING. This was just a teaser, as the line will be available for online purchase later in the year.



That reindeer got a lot of love.


Thank you, Grace and Amy, for the opportunity!